Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sorry . . . . Its been a while!

WOW! Can't believe it's been bout 2 weeks since I blogged, last - YES, things have been THAT busy in my wee kitchen!  It's seen lots of bunting (hurrah), lots and LOTS of flowers (or to be more correct, floral decorated cupcakes), boyish polka dots and a 'Street Party' - well a cake made to look like a street party!

So, I had the honour of making a surprise birthday cake for a friends' sister, so I went with a yummy chocolate sponge, a generous smothering of pink buttercream icing and cutesy handmade Cath Kidston bunting. . . .cute, right?

Next on the agenda was Mother's Day!  I had made up just a few cupcake 'bouquets' before and thought they would be a real novel idea for Mother's Day gifts!  Cupcakes decorated to look like flowers. . . arranged in a metal pail to look like a bunch of flowers!  Here's a peak at what they looked like. . . .

One of my oldest friends was having her son christened last weekend, so I offered to make him his Christening cake as his gift.  The original design involved a LOT of polka dots, but I decided (rather last minute) to make it slightly more stylized. . . what do you think?

Then, there was 'the BIGGIE' - a cake themed around the Royal Wedding - specially commissioned by my son's school!  They were hosting a morning of fun 'Royal Wedding' festivities and wanted a 'cake' to mark the occasion, so they thought I'd like to make a 'wedding' cake.  After giving it a weekend of thought, I came to the conclusion that an 'actual' wedding cake (whilst looking lovely) just wouldn't be 'fun' enough for a bunch of primary school kids - so I came up with the idea of a 'street party' cake - complete with tables of scrumptious street party food - so here it is, taking about 12 hours in total to make it all came together and looked good!

Some of the finer details. . . .

So, for now that's what I've got to share!  I've got nests, bouquets, glasses and a gadgety themed cake coming up. . . .so keep tuned for sneaky peaks!

Happy baking
K xx

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