Sunday, 20 March 2011

Change of Scenery. . . . .

Woo Hoo. . . . . . !

Made it out of the kitchen today and had a nice change of scenery watching my wee sister partake in a bit of equine fun!  So me and my trusty Canon headed off into the countryside, to a nice big indoor arena to 'shoot' some photos for her. 
Now, I LOVE my camera and I have a growing passion for photography, but so far, most of my subjects (i.e. my cakes!) are relatively stationery. . . . so it was nice to be stretched and figure out how to snap something that moves - and moves FAST! 
So, here's some of the shots that developed in the 'darkroom' (AKA Photoshop) this evening. . . .

Had a fab day! Thanks to J for asking me to come along and well done to Brody for clearing (most of) his rounds!!  Looking forward to many more opportunities to photograph you both, you're a cracking wee team xx
K xx

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