Saturday, 19 March 2011

The weekend's 'workings' . . . .

Wow, it's been a busy few days since St. Patrick's day!  Was fantastic to see lots of smiling faces leaving with their cakes and be able to spend some time with the family.

So, up first was 30 cutey fairy cakes for a little lady who was celebrating her 6th birthday with lots of other little ladies (although they looked more like wee princesses from the photos I've seen!)  The brief for this one was simple 'pink & girly' - which for some 'cupcakers' would be a sinch, but I'm not the average 'caker' and I'm certainly not a 'girly girl'.  So it was lots of pink buttercream, pink sprinkles and little wafer daisies galore!  They did look amazingly cute when I seen them altogether :)  What do you think?

The next wee project was to design and create a 'Naming Day' cake for Alfie, the son of an old school friend (well, not that she's old. . . . . . I just met her a long time ago, sorry A!).  Anyway. . . just before she asked me, I'd come across some amazing 'cake bunting' decorations and being a 'craft-a-holic' I really wanted to try it out, but needed something to use it on! So I jumped at the chance to introduce the idea and it went down a treat - BONUS!  So I set about gathering pieces of co-ordinating fabrics, papers and found super cute polka dot buttons and blue & white twine, just to set it off!
The brief for the cupcakes were 'little blue feet' and 'stars' - so simple, super effective!!

The only trouble we had was figuring out how best to display everything - then I discovered a great tutorial on Cake Journal on how to make your own cake/cupcake stand - problem solved :D

I'm totally in love with this cake, I didn't want it to leave . . . . hope you share the love for it!

Close up of the handmade 'cake bunting' - go ahead, give it a try!

Pretty. . . . right?

This week ended on yet another 'pink note' with a request for some pink champagne 'cup-tails' (cross between a cupcake and a cocktail) for a Hen party!  I LOVE making these wee cupcakes, as they have an added surprise of a champagne soaked strawberry sunk into the centre of them :)   As these were for a bride-to-be, I decided to cut little hearts from pink sugarpaste to decorate the cakes, but felt that they just didn't say 'Hen' party - and yes, I'm sure there are plenty of, erm, 'items' I could have used to decorate them, but I was aware that there would be kiddies at this gathering.  . . . . . so how could I give them the A.C.B. touch??  About 15 minutes before they were due to be collected it hit me - a bespoke cupcake topper for the 'hen'! PERFECT!!  A few snips of brown paper and come cream netting, here's what I came up with! Just uber cute ( and yes, I say so myself!)

Wow, I know this is a long post, but I guess that's how my posts will be! So well done if you managed to get through it all and thanks for sticking with it!!  

Thoroughly looking forward to working on a few new designs at the end of next week, till then. . .

Happy Caking!

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